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10:00am // 50 Year Anniversary of the Science Fiction Foundation

11:00am // Guest of Honour: John Clute
12:00am // BSFA AGM // agenda
1:00pm // Lunch
1:30pm // Science Fiction Foundation AGM // RSVP

2:30pm // SF on Trial
3:30pm // Guest of Honour: Alison Scott

4:30pm // Guest of Honour: Tade Thompson



10:00am // Co-Writing Session

11:00am // 

12:00am // Roll for Armadillo: Diverse possibilities within TRPGs

1:00pm // Lunch / Open Chat

1:30pm // Co-Writing Session

2:30pm // Lasers & Feelings


John Clute 

Alison Scott 

Tade Thompson 


Gautum Bhatia

Emma French


Ida Keogh

Edward James


Roz Kaveney


Maureen Kincaid-Speller


Esther MacCallum-Stewart


Farah Mendlesohn

Caroline Mersey

David Moore

Emma Newman


Yen Ooi


Paul Anthony Shortt

Andy Sawyer


Adrian Tchaikovsky


Powder Scofield

Russell Smith

Jo Lindsay Walton

Grace Worm

+ more


10.00 // 50 Years of the SFF

Join eminent panellists Edward James, Roz Kaveney, Farah Mendlesohn, and Andy Sawyer, to reflect on the history of science fiction criticism, and in the particular role of the Science Fiction Foundation. Moderated by Maureen Kincaid-Speller, facilitated by Ali Baker.


10.00 // Co-Writing Session 1

We’ll chat briefly at the beginning and spend most of the session writing. You can bring your own work-in-progress, or respond to one of the writing prompts or exercises provided. Co-hosted by Jo Lindsay Walton and Yen Ooi.


11.00 // John Clute

An interview with our first Guest of Honor, the prolific, polemic, and perspicacious SF critic John Clute. Moderated by Paul March-Russell, facilitated by Farah Mendlesohn. 


12.00 // BSFA AGM

Members only. The Annual General Meeting of the British Science Fiction Association. Chaired by Allen Stroud. The agenda can be found here. All members should have received your Zoom link on 21 June, and in two earlier emails. If you're missing the link, or if you can't attend but would like to vote, please get in touch with at least 48 prior to the AGM.


12.00 // Glasgow in 2024 Presents Roll for Armadillo: Diverse Possibilities within TRPGs

Join panellists Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Paul Anthony Shortt, and Grace Worm for a lively exploration of the world of tabletop roleplaying. Moderated by Emma French.


13.30 // SF Foundation AGM

Members only. The Annual General Meeting of the Science Fiction Association. Chaired by Graham Sleight. SFF members, please RSVP to ensure you get your invite.


13.30 // Co-Writing Session 2

We’ll say hello briefly at the beginning and spend most of the session writing. You can bring your own work-in-progress, continue something from the morning session, or start something new in response to the writing prompts we’ll provide. Co-hosted by Yen Ooi and Francis Gene-Rowe.


14.30 // SF on Trial

Join our panellists Gautam Bhatia, Ida Keogh, Caroline Mersey, and Adrian Tchaikovsky, as we talk about law and justice in science fiction, and maybe even put science fiction itself in the dock. Moderated by Jo Lindsay Walton, facilitated by Francis Gene-Rowe.


14.30 // Lasers & Feelings

Join SF authors, publishers and critics as they explore strange new worlds … and maybe some strange new feelings too. With Eryn Levine, David Moore, Trip Galey, Russell Smith, and Emma Newman. Moderated by Eryn Levine, facilitated by Allen Stroud.


15.30 // Alison Scott

Our Guest of Honour, the incomparable Alison Scott, will talk about ‘My Year in Virtual Fandom,’ followed by Q&A. Moderated by Farah Mendlesohn, facilitated by Jo Lindsay Walton.


16.30 // Tade Thompson

Join our Guest of Honour, Tade Thompson, author of the Wormwood Trilogy and many more brilliant and twisted tales, in conversation with Caroline Mersey. Moderated by Caroline Mersey, facilitated by Jo Lindsay Walton.

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